Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a canary's belly

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
This morning around 9am I walked my clothes to the lavenderia. Afterward, I swung by the seamstress to get my H&M purse repaired. I bought the purse in the states not knowing how much I would love it. I goes across my chest, it's large enough to hold my laptop, it has velcro so people with sticky fingers can't make an easy get away with my things. It's great, but I think the $25 bag wasn't meant to carry books and everything else I can shove into it for four straight months.

At 9:30am I went into the Centro to teach one of my cute students. I taught his cousin yesterday (my new private student). The cousin sent the cute student a text that said "she is a 10". I had a look of surprise on my face when he told me. Then cute student said that I was a good teacher. I was going to explain to him that when a person is a "10" that means that they are "hott / extremely good looking" but I didn't want to get into that, so I let it go.

When I returned home around 11:30am the painter just finished painting the apartment and the maid was dusting and sanding the hardwood floor to remove the paint drops. For the last couple of days I've been teasing the painter that I hate the color. It's a yellow yellow color and all the walls look like that. Ik! I was going to hint to the dueno (owner), something like "wow, you really like yellow?", but then I thought it may sound too rude so I let it go.

I went to teach another student at 1pm and when I returned I checked my email. My dueno emailed me hysterical saying that my apartment looked like the "belly of a canary!!" and that "it was so yellow!!!!" Apparently, the painter was only suppose to paint one wall yellow, not all of them including the hallway.

My living room was back to normal and clean but tomorrow the painter will return to neutralize the place with some white paint.

Tonight I'm laying low, even though I hear everyone partying outside (tomorrow's that holiday. I guess it turns out that people have the day off tomorrow rather than monday.) In preparation for my picnic tomorrow I made Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie's!!!!

(photo below: eggs that were bought unrefrigerated, my first mate that is in the process of curing *see below, my favorite yerba (mate leaves/ like loose leaf green tea but this one has an orange flavor, and my boxed brownie mix!!)

(photo below: how my clothes come back to me from the lavenderia. most of my clothes, towels and sheets. I dropped it off this morning and picked it up this evening. 25 pesos ($7.00))

Money spent today ------------------------
1.10 subte
1.10 subte
12 pesos for a single serving of paella (splurge)

12 pesos for coffee and a shared brownie over

36 pesos for some food at the grocery store

25 pesos for my wash

87.20 pesos ($25)

Money earned
30 pesos for my private student

(26 pesos for my non private student but I won't see the money until may)


30 pesos ($8.57)

*I asked my Argentine friend how I should go about curing my new mate (thank you Nicholas). My new mate is a gourd and the inside needs to be prepped before I use it. Mate is the name of the drink and the name of the cup you drink it out of. So, as my Argentine friend tells me, I need to fill the gourd up 2/3 with mate leaves and the rest of the way with hot water. By the next day the water will have been absorbed or evaporated, then I fill it again with hot water. I continue this process for 4 days (filling the mate with hot water but not changing the mate leaves)


krebiz said...

I like bright yellow walls. Then again, consider the color of my first floor- that orange is pretty bright and vibrant!

I always wondered how to cure mate too, if I ever bought it loose, in bulk. Now I know, thank you.

yillabean said...

I think if you had the right furniture all yellow could be cute, but the dueno has super old ladyish furniture and antique tables and such.

I think if there were some IKEA furniture it would be super cute with all yellow walls.