Wednesday, April 1, 2009

don't talk to her

eeee. Today after teaching I made some DunkinDonuts coffee, put it in my new travel mug and headed to the park! Like Jenna, I felt a chill of happiness to be holding my American travel coffee mug. (who looks like a foreigner in B.A...I do I do!!)

A while back i was talking to my weekend portero (doorman) when the 97 year old neighbor lady from a floor above me stepped off the elevator. My portero makes all sorts of hand gestures, so when he saw her he made the crazy gesture and the 'ojo' (watch out) gesture for her. He also told me not to talk to her.

So, while Nicholas was here, he tried talking to the lady. I told him "don't talk to her". It was sort of a joke because that is what the weekend portero said to me.

Today 97 year old spotted me on my way to the park and started to ask me the same questions she does every time she sees me. Just then my dueño (apartment owner) walks by. He practically sings in English, out loud, "don't talk to her she's crazy".

After he passed us, the 97 year old gestures that my dueño is crazy, 'ojo' and tells me and then she tells me not to talk to him.

I have a funny feeling this building has a lot of history?


krebiz said...

Lol. Those people have been neighbors for waaaay too long, I bet.

I got a shout out, woo!

Don't worry, soon you'll be integrated fully, and you won't look like a tourist with your mug. It'll just look quirky and exotic. Tell people it's performance art ;)

yillabean said...

ha ha ha, i love the performance art comment! i'm going to use that!

yesterday i didn't want to get into it with the old neighbor lady (as to what was in my mug) so i told her i had mate in it (the argentine drink)