Wednesday, April 1, 2009

future cat lady

at the park today, while catching up on spanish lessons, a cat jumped on my lap. i let it there for 3 seconds to say hello to it then tried to push it off because i wanted to continue reading, but he wouldn't budge; he dug his claws in so i stopped pushing him. for about 5 min he just lay on my lap until one of the old cat ladies came to feed all the cats.

after their feeding the ladies (about 4 of them) stood near me and talked about the cats. meanwhile my 97 year old neighbor lady from one floor up was sitting to my right chatting it up. to my left was not more than 1 foot of bench left, i was on the end. one of the cat ladies came up to me, pointed to this area of the bench and asked to sit down. HUH? there are plenty of benches in the park, why mine? i just sat there looking confused. then the 97 year old neighbor told her to sit next to her. then the other cat ladies followed and started to pile on the bench!!!! they tried to fit 6 people on ONE park bench!!!

can the cats smell that i'm single? do the cats think i'm one of the cat ladies? are they trying to tell me something? do the old cat ladies want me to join their click?

not wanting to know the answers i quickly left the park.

(photos below: the whole experience was so strange i had to take some photos)


Nicholas N said...

Women, Being at lest 30 years old, Being single, and CATS are a dangerous combination. All cat ladies started with "Just one cat" ....

And remember.... Cat Woman.... Sexy Superhero men love... Unsexy girl in reality men avoid.


krebiz said...

oh, don't listen to Nicholas. I was single, with a cat, and didn't turn into "one of those."
That is a really cute kitty, if a bit aggressive :)

I cringed when you started talking about the bench and all- that stuff happens to me on the train ALL THE TIME, and it makes me so mad. There will be tons and tons of 3-seaters with one person, and inevitably, someone with either a really big bag or a really big butt has to sit with ME. Ugghhhsljdklsfjakl;jdfs. I suspect it's people that don't usually travel in and out of the city alone, and they're looking for the "safe seat," i.e., another single female. I'm so tired of it though that when it happens, I say excuse me, get up, and sit somewhere else. I don't need that many cuddles with old ladies, you know?