Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i heart mullets

I taught my first student this morning at 8:30am. I left my apartment around 7:45am, took the subte and walked a mile to his office. It was nice weather, so I don't mind (mid 60's). I also like the hustle and bustle of the city. There were many things going on in the city this morning. The catholic kids had a churchy concert next to the plaza (plaza de mayo) in front of the president's office (like the white house of Argentina) and in the afternoon there was a protest of some sort.

(photo below: (casa rosada / the pink house). it's like our white house, but pink and the president doesn't live here, just works)
(photo below: the church where the catholic kids had their concert. it's in front of 'casa rosada' to the right)
After my first class I walked back to Centro (near casa rosada) to teach a private student at 11am.

(photo below: clean up after the concert)
(photo below: school bus)(photo below: these guys came out of no where as i was passing through. not sure why they were in front of casa rosada and not sure where they were going)
After my private student in the Centro, I walked back to Puerto Madero (another mile walk) to teach four more students. The first student canceled on me last week, so this was our first time meeting. He is now cute student #3.
My last two students canceled on me (I'll still get paid for my time since they didn't cancel 24 hours in advance).

(photo below: waiting in puerto madero for my last student of the day. i forgot my cell phone at the apartment, so i didn't get the student's text that he was canceling. i sat on this bench and studied...i also watched the parade of men. i was thinking how cute they were...then i laughed out loud at myself. i never thought i'd think a mullet was so cute! many argentine guys have longer hair on top and let it get a little longer in the back. it's a mullet all-right, just not as short on the top as the 90's. I heart argentine mullets)(photo below: small pieces of paper thrown on the street. i believe it's from the protesters. it's quite common to see the street littered pieces of paper that has the same message on it. i didn't stop to pick one up...maybe it was an earthday message telling everyone not to litter?)


Yossarian said...

That church is Metropolitan cathedral,that´s to say Buenos Aires cathedral where San Martin is buried. The guys in blue and funny hats are 1st Infantry army regiment "Paricios", created during British invasions and historical and official guard in B,A.

Lynn said...

The paper on the street is from trees. It is made in a factory and delivered to individuals for their personal consumption. Writing, crumpling, or littering.

yillabean said...

Thanks Yossarian for the info! Good to know.

Lynn, so what you are saying is if the paper on the street is from trees, than it's the same as leaves falling on the ground, so therefore it's really not litter.

Are there are directions on the paper packaging: Write, crumple, litter. Repeat.

Yossarian said...

you`re welcome.