Friday, April 10, 2009

packed park

this morning i went to my favorite cafe for the usual (that's what my favorite waiter called it). I tried to study there for 2 hours but couldn't really focus. I love reading the newspaper (or trying to read) but there weren't any available so I studied more of the command form. Do I really need to know this? Maybe I don't have to learn it. I'll just not command anyone do to anything in Spanish.

Around 1:45 I met up with a good friend. We headed to the Rosedal to rent bikes. My first rented bike had a bum seat and the breaks didn't work, so I traded it in for another model....that wasn't much better. The seat was way low, so after an hour of riding of it my knees hurt (i've never had problems with the knees either).

In my opinion B.A. is not a bike friendly city, but around the Rose Gardens the street is closed off so it makes it safer? Well, it would have been more safe if everyone was going in the same direction! Instead we had to dodge kids and those family of four bikes. Then there were teenagers on the family of four bikes. danger danger. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the warm weather, the exercise and some good conversation.

After our 10 peso hour was up we bought a water and sat under a tree. I think I commented 4 or 5 times about how crowded the park was. And I mean crowded! In front of us, in the lagoon around the Rose Garden, people continuously kept bumping their paddle boats and row boats into one another (literally bumping). The Rose Gardens seemed filled with people, like there was a festival going on...but it was just a day off from work.

Also in front of us was a family sharing mate. There was a mom, dad, two teenagers and a grandma, all sitting in a circle, enjoying each others company, sharing an Argentine tea (mate). My friend and I commented that in the states only parents with small children go to the park, not full families. This is something I love about living here. People enjoy spending time with each other doing simple things.

Tomorrow I'm going sailing with my dueno and his wife. I'm not fond of sailing, it scares the hell out of me, but I'm going to try to get over my fear. They better have life jackets!!! I think I'll request two.

After sailing I'm going to a vegetarian easter dinner at my neighbor's house (the owner of the cat I looked after this Argentine summer). Then after that, drinks with friends who are hosting a visitor. I have a feeling she will want to show the visitor what an Argentine night is... cuiden! (command form of be careful) shoot, maybe I should learn the command form.


Anquises said...

El verbo español "cuidar" (look after, take care) puede utilizarse de modo transitivo. En ese caso, la segunda persona (singular y plural del imperativo es

cuidá (vos); cuiden (ustedes)

Pero cuando el verbo se usa en el modo pronominal "cuidarse" (take care of oneself) el imperativo es

Cuidate (vos) Cuídense (ustedes)

Comúnmente, aquí utilizamos para despedirnos de una o más personas, las expresiones:

"Chau, cuidate"
"Chau, cuídense"

En esta dirección podrá encontrar diccionarios muy útiles, Yill:

Un cordial saludo.

yillabean said...

gracias por la correccion.

yo se yo se es importante saber el imperativo y estoy estudiando.

hay mucho informacion aprender. fue un chiste sobre no aprendando imperativo (mas informacion). solo un chiste.