Tuesday, April 7, 2009

small hooray

Yesterday was cold (or cooler than normal). I wore pants a short sleeve shirt and a cardigan, and in the morning I was cold. Later in the day it warmed up.

Today was really warm again. It wasn't hot, but the temperature was just right. I was back to wearing a skirt and short sleeve shirt.

I taught at 10, had a private student at 11 and then walked from Centro to Puerto Madero for another student. We finished up around 2 and I headed back to my apartment.

(photo below: waiting for my 1pm student in Puerto Madero)

At 4 I had a meeting. It was a networking / interview of sorts. There is a company here that is in my field of work. My friend who works there arranged the meeting. Although they do not have any work for me at the moment, if something opens they seeme interested in bringing me in. (small hooray)(if I get a job in my field it will be a big hooray)

After the meeting I walked back to my apartment.

On the way walking home I remembered a friend gave me the heads up on a french bakery that sells chocolate croissants!! I found them!! (Malabia between Charcas and Guemes). I'm now sitting on my balcony, with two chocolate croissants in my belly, enjoying the warm weather and sipping on some mate.


krebiz said...

Good job on the meeting! May it be the first of several.
Good job on the chocolate croissants too. I looooove those things.

yillabean said...

thanks for the comment and the well wishes!

Conor said...

Going from warm to cold to warm. Watch out! It's the perfect concoction for a flu!