Friday, April 24, 2009


dinner was fabulous tonight! cooking was fun and so was the anticipation of how it would turn out.

on my walk home there were many people out. i was almost home when i stopped at the small kiosko (tiny convenience store) for some chocolate. in the evening they typically have the gate down and only a small opening to pass money through. this makes things challenging for me because i'm not familiar enough with what chocolate i want. in the states i would have gone for a kit-kat but there's nothing like that here. well....there is, but it tastes like a stale kit-kat. nevertheless you can find twix, snickers, m&m's and oreos at most kioskos...but i didn't want them.

so, it was my turn in line, i tell the attendant that i wanted chocolate. he goes to the other side of the counter (since i can't go in the tiny store because the gate is down). i tell him in my best spanish that i want chocolate...all chocolate. he was so kind and patient, he held up chocolate bar by chocolate bar for me to see. i kept saying 'smaller, smaller' or 'no all chocolate, no almonds' until he held up the one i was pleased with.

i thought he'd be perturbed at me, but instead he smiled so big and told me to have a good night.

i will follow his orders.


krebiz said...

I lover nice people. And chocolate. That exchange alone would have made my night.

yillabean said...


it really did make my night.


krebiz said...

Yillyfoo, before you wrote it here, I'd noticed that you were blogging a bit less, and I took that to be a really good sign- one that meant you were acclimating and making friends and keeping busy.

I have to say though, when the afternoon starts to drag on at work, I miss the more frequent postings!

Anonymous said...

me too