Friday, July 31, 2009

brrr b.a.

Friday July 31, 2009
early this morning i had two students. both students work for the same company (a company that didn't close their doors because of the swine flu, so i'm still teaching there).

it's really cold out again (48 degrees). i know it's not 'that' bad, but the apartments aren't equipped for cold weather. while i have heat, it's not efficient. luckily i have an portable heater for my room.

when i came home from teaching i slipped back into bed. not only is it 48 degrees, but it's overcast and i don't have work to fill my time, so back to sleep i went.

in the mid afternoon a potential new roommate came to look at the apartment. my current roommate will return to the states next week. i hope i can find an equally good cook of a roommate. another person will come tomorrow to see the place.

after she left i started to prep for classes next week. i'll resume teaching all of my students, except for a university student and 3 teen-age boys because school is still out (due to the swine flu). so, i sent emails to schedule classes and decided what we'll work on in the classes.

i was still cold and feeling colder, so i decided to take a hot bath, but that fell through. the water wasn't hot enough to warm me up, so i took a hot shower. i personally did some damage on b.a.'s water supply yesterday; all in the attempt to warm up. i felt better after the shower, but even better after i made some hot tomato soup for my roommate and myself.

during dinner i received a text to go out to dinner with friends. why not? since i go through ups and downs with eating might as well take advantage of the ups, right? also, the restaurant they choose was Peruvian and i love love love Peruvian food; i was game.

money spent
2.40 pesos round trip bus to work
47 pesos for some things at the supermarket
10 pesos for a cab to dinner
58 pesos for dinner and drinks (4 of us split the bill)
5 pesos for a shared cab home
123 pesos ($32 usd)


Anonymous said...

Yilla, you are a total wuss! See you Monday evening. You will be pleased to know that our place is so warm that I keep turning down the thermostat.

yillabean said...

yup, a wuss who hates the cold!

my dream apartment is one that is warm. i honestly never had one of those. in college i was too cheap to turn up the heat, after college my building's 1920's heat didn't function properly and now b.a. isn't equipped for the 10 days out of the year that the temp falls below 50.

one more month to nice weather!

see you monday.

GEOFS said...

How was the dentist visit ?

yillabean said...

I haven't made the dentist appointment yet. I'm going to call and schedule a time this week.

I'll be sure to write a post about my experience. I'm curious too how it will feel to go to a dentist in South America.