Friday, May 8, 2009

blog break

i'll be taking a 10 day blog break.

my family and friends arrive tomorrow morning...well just 1/2 of my family. i have to try to make it home some time this winter (summer in the states) to see my other half.

fun times ahead!


Anonymous said...

This break will only be allowed if you bring your family over here for a drink ... drinks. Deal?

krebiz said...

I haven't been the most prolific commenter, but you'll be missed.

Have a fabulous time with the fam! I'm sure you'll be an ideal hostess, as always.

Nancy said...

We'll miss you but have a FABULOUS visit with your family!!!

yillabean said...

Thanks all! It's 2am and I can't sleep I'm so excited to see my family. As you have read, I'm a crier. I'm going to bawl when I see them. (tears of joy of course)

Lynn said...

is the 10 days up yet???

I miss updates!!!