Tuesday, May 5, 2009

one year ago: may 5

one year ago i was at a turning point in my life. i ended a relationship in march. i wanted to follow my dream of moving abroad, but i was too scared. i was scared that i'd make a major mistake and in the same breath i was scared that i'd never do it.

so, feeling low, not knowing what i should do...well i knew what i should have done, but i was too scared to admit it or to write it down.....so i did just that.

i made myself write "by october 2008 i will be living in another country". it felt scary. it felt like i was making a promise to myself. what if i didn't do it?

since we know what happened...tonight i wrote another affirmation. "by next year i will _____"


Anonymous said...

By next year you will be writing a journal of what you have learned by living independently in a distinctly foreign country. I want to be the first to read it.

yillabean said...

hummm. i can't see this happening, i don't see myself talented enough to be a writer, but i would not discount something like this either.

several things have happened in my life that i would have never imagine, so, maybe you're not too far off?

Nancy said...

Oh! I can't wait to find out!!!! I'm so proud of you that you followed your dream!