Thursday, May 21, 2009


el dia de los muertos
(the day of the dead)

on tuesday we started the day by having coffee and medialunas at my favorite cafe. luckily my waiter was working, so he got to meet my family.

after breakfast, since we were running a little late, for the free tuesday english tour of the recoleta cemetery at 11am, we hopped in a cab.

we arrived a little after 11am. the tour was already in progress but it wasn't difficult to find the group. to regular english tour guide was sick, so her shy, low talking co-worker filled in. it was difficult to hear over a crowd of about 20 people standing around her. so, we went our own way and explored...

my guests asked me where Evita's tomb was, but i didn't know. i never went looking for it. so we followed an older couple, knowing that that was where they were headed. after walking down a main isle, while looking back and forth down the other isles, we spotted where Evita was; it wasn't difficult to find her resting place. (see below photo)
while we were standing near Evita, my family asked me why she was so famous. i don't know the full story but only that she is both loved and hated. i started to tell them the story when an argentine woman walked past and said in a loud voice "don't forget to tell them that she was a theif!". since i have no real opinion on the matter i asked her to tell us about the Evita years. A brief summary, coming from her point of view, is that Evita stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

(photo below: some of the doors to the mausoleums are open. we couldn't resist the opportunity to take a peek. this mausoleum was being used as a janitors closet)

In the evening we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Las Cabras. I was very proud of us; we arrived at 9pm for dinner. By the time we left the place was packed and had a waiting line. After dinner we walked around the corner to a trendy bar called Acabar. The bar is more like a restaurant that has a coordinated mishmosh of furniture and a wall of board games. We sat on two sofas with a coffee table between us. We played Jenga first while we waited for some fun drinks and yum yum desserts.
I had a white russian drink with this chocolate pudding topped with meringues!
We were too worried the Jenga would fall on our desserts and drinks, so we began playing "3D Word", a game like Scrabble, but you can build on the words. Fun-ny! We did a lot of laughing. We headed home until around 12:30am!

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