Sunday, May 3, 2009

the little things

saturday at around 7 in the evening, i went to pick up my laundry. if i drop it off in the morning, they'll have it finished by the evening. when it gets dark the lavanderia closes and locks their door, so i had to knock on the glass to get their attention. i've been going to the same lavanderia for about 4 months now. the woman saw me, open the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she touched my shoulder. her greeting felt so warm and friendly. she asked me how i was and what i did yesterday for the holiday (yesterday was labor day in argentina). we chatted a little in spanish, and when she gave me my change she told me to be careful. she opened the door of the lavanderia and gave me a kiss on the cheek good bye.

i walked just 2 blocks home. my weekend portero saw me walking down the sidewalk, so he stepped inside the building, called the elevator and opened the elevator door for me so that once i reached the building the elevator was open and ready for me to step in. he gave me a kiss on the cheek, asked me how everything was and then closed the elevator door for me (you have to physically close the security screen and the door of the elevator).

the kindness of these two people, that know me only after 5 months made my day.

little things feel huge.

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krebiz said...

they love your azz. we all love your azz.

pretty cool that you and Donigan have been hangin' out.