Wednesday, May 27, 2009


a day in tigre

'tigre' is a 40 min train ride away from capital (the center / city part of b.a). tigre is a grouping of islands. the only way to get to the islands is by boat. people who live here have their own boats, there are boats that act as buses, and there are tourist boats that take you to a special island for lunch. we chose the public boat.

once you step out of the tigre train station, you see the river right away. when you walk closer to the boats you see many little booths selling package deals to hotels, spas and lunch places. it took me and my sister a couple min to figure out (by speaking to the people in the booth) where we should buy the tickets for the public boat (like the bus). we went inside a smaller looking train station and bought a round trip ticket for 17 pesos each ($4.50).

(photo below: the public boat that we took. people who live on the islands use these boats. on top of the boat they put all their packages. we even saw a dog on top of one of the boats)
we boarded the boat. the woman who sold us the tickets told us which boat to take and told us to stay on the boat for about 1/2 an hour. she said we could get off, have lunch and get back on. so that's what we did.

(photo below: another public boat which looks like the one we're on)

(photo below: small houses line the coat of the river. many have their own dock.)
(photo below: getting off the boat to explore an island and have some lunch.)(photo below: narrow passage way on the island we were on)
(photo below: doggie waiting for his owner to return)
(photo below: the guy on the back of the boat is in charge of helping the passengers on and off. when the boat pulls up to a dock he throws a tire over so that the boat doesn't hit the dock. he also uses a rope to pull the boat closer to the dock. passengers exit the boat from the back)
(photo below: the river was used for all sorts of transportation)
(photo below: the inside of the boat)

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krebiz said...

That settles it. I know where I want to live.
It's like Venice, but better.