Friday, May 22, 2009


on wednesday i was suppose to teach at 8:30am, meaning that i would have had to leave the house at was raining, i was tired, i never cancel my i canceled my first class.

sleeping in made me happy. it also stopped raining by the time i left the house to teach. i gave my family specific instructions on how to take the subte and where to meet me.

my first student of the day was at 9:30am for two hours, and then i had an 11:30am class and my last two students of the day canceled on me. (yeah for me)(luckily i will still get paid)

(photo below: after a large, messy protest city workers clean up all the small pieces of paper)
knowing that starbucks is an easy landmark, i asked my family to meet me there...while waiting for them i took the opportunity to buy a mate latte. they arrived on schedule, so together, in the rain, we walked to a restaurant called Filo in the Centro / Retiro area. for all the reviews i read on it, i just thought it was ok.

afterward we took the new 'hop on hop off' tour bus in buenos aires. we paid 25 pesos each for the tour. it would have been much better if we could have sat on top, but it was rainy and cold. the inside didn't have many seats. the inside seat i sat on was terrible. i couldn't look to my right because the staircase to go upstairs was there and to my left there was a logo on the window preventing me from a clear view. the tour would have been much better if we were able to be on top. also, the headsets with information were interesting, but since we were stopped in traffic so much the tape was moving too fast so the conductor turned off the sound, therefore we had to listen to a buzzing sound until the next landmark.
it was a long bus ride. we got off at the plaza italia stop and walked back to my apartment so that i could change out of my wet work clothes. the rest of the night we just relaxed.

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