Sunday, May 3, 2009


if this is autumn, i have a new appreciation for the season before the dreaded invierno (winter).

it still feels like summer, but not sweaty-hot and it's not humid either. you can wear jeans and a long sleeve and not be too hot or too cold. the sun shines everyday, which feels like the norm. everyday the sky is blue blue blue. bushes are even still flowering in the park.

the mornings and evenings are a little chilly (50's - high 60's) but i'm still sleeping with my windows open. it does get a little chilly in the morning.

today i wore shorts and a tee-shirt and rented a bike in the park. when the sun went down i was a little cold, but not freezing.

typically i dread the fall. i never could appreciate the harbinger of winter. instead, i would try to mentally prepare for 4 months of bone chilling grey sky type of days. but here...i really don't mind the fall..not at all.

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