Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a new purse

before coming to b.a. i bought a perfect purse at H&M. it's perfect because it's simple, the strap goes across my chest, i can fit my books in it and if i need to take my laptop somewhere i can fit that in the purse too. i paid just $25 for it, but i don't think it was meant to carry books everyday for 6 months. one month ago the lining in the inside started to come undone. i paid 10 pesos ($2.70) to a seamstress to fix it and just last week the strap broke.

i thought i'd buy a new purse so i started to look, but nothing meets the requirements. i think i mentioned my problem to my portero and he suggested i take it to a 'zapataria' (a shoemaker). so today i did just that.

tomorow i get to pick up my purse, with a newly attached strap, and it will only cost 20 pesos ($5.40). it will feel like i'm getting a new purse tomorrow.

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krebiz said...

I'm actually thinking of taking my ManBag (if you remember that) to the shoe guy for a strap repair. I thought maybe I was ready to retire it for life, but I just don't think I am :) Besides, it's a souvenir of my fave vacation