Wednesday, May 27, 2009


when i first arrived in buenos aires i had a bad cold and from being in the airplane, my ears were pretty messed up. my school told me i could go to the hospital to see a doctor and that it would just cost 30 pesos (around $10 at that time) and the doctors speak english too. i decided to get better on my own and luckily i did.

my skin hasn't been the greatest since moving here. maybe it's the pollution, maybe the water or the food or lack there of. so i was delighted to find out that there is a dermatologist's office in my building.

last thursday i had two students cancel on me, so i came home and knocked on her door. i told her i wanted to make an appointment and she told me she was free now and could see me. we had the whole conversation in spanish. she spoke slowly and i was able to understand 50%. i had her repeat things i thought were important.

so, after meeting with a dermatologist for about 1/2 hour (a specialized doctor, a real doctor) i paid 70 pesos ($19). she wrote me a prescription, which i got filled today. i paid 43 pesos for it ($12).

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