Sunday, May 31, 2009

hours worked teaching english

before moving to b.a., i couldn't figure out, from other peoples blogs or articles, how many students it was possible to teach in a week, since there is a lot of traveling involved.

the number of students i have is constantly changing. i get new students as other student's get too busy to take classes. i get new private students, but then my schedule isn't compatible with theirs, so i've stopped trying to count.

but, i was curious to see what the latest number is after 6 months of living here. so.... this coming week i have 29 students, 3 of these students i'll teach for 2 hours instead of 1. this is a full schedule (factoring in travel), but i'll still find time to take 3 hours of spanish classes a week and i don't teach on the weekends.

last month, april i taught 64 hours through the institute i work for and 12 hours of private students. so 76 hours for the month of april is ruffly 19 hours a week.

for may, i taught 70 hours through the institute and 12 hours of private students. so 82 hours for the month of may is ruffly 20.5 hours a week. *for the month of may i canceled several classes so that i could spend time with my family while they were here.

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