Wednesday, May 20, 2009


el dia de la madre americana
(american mother's day)

(photo below: we took our mom's to sunday brunch at Olsen in Palermo Hollywood. the brunch was amazing and so was the atmosphere)
(photo below: coffee, yogurt with cereal, fruit, oj, champagne, um, um, um)
(photo below: next to Olsen is a designer argentine store with some pretty cool argentine themed products)(photo below: mates at the "nobrand" store)(photos below: some women inspired graffiti art )(photo below: as we were walking to san telmo, to the feria (market), we were greeted by this doggie)(photo below: cubiertos = place setting. if you review your check at a restaurant you'll often notice a 5 peso cubierto charge. maybe i should buy a set to take to the restaurant with me?)(photo below: old 'agua con gas' bottles (old carbonated water bottles.) BTW, i'm hooked to agua con gas)(photo below: buenos aires, home of the tango shoes)(photo below: it seems like every 5th stand at the san telmo feria is selling mates)
(photo below: tango dancers)
(photo below: tango band. notice the 5 accordion players.)
(photo below: the tango band was really good.)
(photo below: argentina's saint Lujan)We spent the evening chatting at a friend's house. They were so kind and prepared some empanadas for us and we had some wine too. It was a nice evening. Afterward, we took the collectivo back to my family's rental apartment, had some tea and then everyone went to bed early.

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Nancy said...

awesome pix (as usual!). looks like a GREAT mother's day!