Sunday, May 31, 2009


I did a little better with food on Friday. I'm still not eating normal or have a normal appetite but I'm trying. Friday night I met a friend out for some Mexican food (something with flavor). I wasn't hungry, even when I was sitting in the restaurant, but once real tasting guacamole touched my tongue I was happy. I ordered an enchilada and my friend ordered tacos for the meal. When they were delivered to our table, they looked the exact same, but with different sauces. Both were 4 deep fried rolls with sauce on the top. I ate two and was full, and satisfied that I ate.

Saturday was a gloomy day; not the B.A. I remembered and once loved so much. I really took for granted my first 5 months of amazingly beautiful weather. Everyday it was beautiful, now it's chilly, often cloudy and sometimes rains for the whole day instead of in spurts like it did the last 5 months.

Saturday afternoon I ate a salad without dressing (because the 'caesar dressing looked nothing like caesar dressy, instead it looked like mayonnaise), well, come to think of it, i just ate lettuce and a couple croutons. The cold chicken on top had no flavor and grossed me out. so did the order of mashed potatoes i ordered, although my friends swore the mashed potatoes tasted fine. However, I had no trouble eating two scoops of ice cream for dessert.

In the evening my stomach started to hurt more. My Argentine friend offered to go to the pharmacy (farmacia) with me. It was in the evening, the farmacia was open, but the metal security screen was down, blocking anyone from walking into the store. The farmacia was only a farmacia; they didn't sell gum, or soda, just medicine and herbs from big jars. My friend asked the pharmacist for something for my stomach and he handed us one blister pack of pills (8 pills) with no box, no instructions, no ingredients, no warnings. I just found that a little odd, but I accept it, it's Argentina right?

I don't know what the pills were, but I do feel better today. I still don't have an appetite, but at least I don't feel pain.


Anquises said...

No es conveniente comer siempre en bares y restaurantes. Comer en casa es más sano, más barato y permite sdaptar el menú al gusto propio.
En este lugar que encontré en el blog de Yanqui Mike hay una discusión sobre la comida en Argentina que puede interesarle:

Que siga Vd. bien, princesa.

yillabean said...

hi, thanks for your comment.

i agree, it's healthier to eat at home and i normally do. on thursdays i'm in the centro all day, so i need to eat somewhere. then on the weekends when i go to a restaurant with a friend, i look forward to 'non home cooked meals by me'; i look forward to something new, something tasty rather than my own concoctions...and that is where i'm usually let down.