Friday, May 22, 2009


on friday we took it easy. we didn't leave the apartment until 12. we walked down santa fe avenue and then we headed toward the palermo soho / viejo area. around 3 we had lunch at bar 6. the food was good. they had a nice variety on their menu.
(photo below: "what's that in the tree?" "not sure" "let's try to pick one" looked like an avocado but it was really hard.)
we went back to the apartment to rest around 6. i went back to my apartment after napping to get ready to go out. friends invited me, my sister and her friend over for some drinks. around 11 i got into a taxi in my neighborhood and instructed the taxi to pick up my sister and her friend and then we headed to my friends apartment.

around 1:30-2am we headed out to a nearby disco/club/boliche. the line was so long, maybe a half a block long? but, we had confidence that 7 foreign girls with light hair and charming accents could get in without standing in line....we were right...about 10 min late we were in.

we didn't even make it to the bar before two guys were pulling at my sister and friend. they grabbed their arm, put their hands around their waists, talked to them a mere centimeter from there face; now normal for me but shocking for them. why are the men so extremely aggressive here? by the end of the night a guy grabbed my chin and said he wanted to kiss me (i didn't even have a conversation with him before this occurred). i pushed him away so he licked my friends shoulder.

argentine mothers have not raised their boys to be gentlemen in these parts. i have an appreciation for latin men and these men are not latin...definitely another breed, a mutated breed at best.


Sandra said...

Argentine men used to be gentlemen, even young men at the time I used to go to dance clubs. I don´t know what happend to this generation...

yillabean said...

oh boy..."what happened" IS the million dollar question.

i had this discussion with a female student of mine this morning. she said that when argentine girls go to clubs...if i guy doesn't try to kiss them they are offended and don't feel pretty 'enough'.

i was also told that 'kissing' at clubs is like dancing and 'dancing' at clubs is like walking.