Sunday, May 24, 2009

i heart b.a. sounds

luckily i only had my '6 month pains' for only a couple of days. i'm recovering.

it's been unseasonably hot these past two days (tank-top and flip flop weather), of course the weather helps lift my mood. the other night while falling asleep i could hear crickets out my window! i love the sound of crickets before falling asleep. i can't believe how lucky i am to have a city life and crickets at night. then in the morning green bellied parakeets wake me up with their chirping; another sound i like to hear, especially when waking up.

oddly, i guess, i like the sound of loose sidewalk tiles when you step on them. (the sidewalks are generally all large tiles, not concrete like in the states. sometimes some are missing and sometimes some are loose. i like stepping on the loose ones, even though i know water may be under there waiting to splash me)

my weekend portero loves to whistle. i'm on one of the top floors in my building and i can still hear him from up here. his whistling make me smile.

lastly, when i arrived home this afternoon after cat sitting for friends, i went out on my balcony to read some more of my new book. shortly after i sat down and opened the book, i heard the 'clip clop' of horse hooves! i looked over my balcony, through the almost naked trees and saw a horse drawn carriage.


Sandra said...

Some days ago a person at Tripadvisor asked if it was true that Argentina is a third world country where "horses are everywhere and often have the right of way"... maybe he wasn´t so wrong! It was very funny, another person replied that her horse was called "remise".

yillabean said...

awahhh, but the horse 'clip-clopping' down my street was attached to a beautiful white carriage. i think he was one of those guys from near the zoo (since i'm pretty close to that area).

maybe in other parts of argentina horses would be remises, but not in b.a....not in b.a.