Thursday, May 7, 2009

litter of the day: may6

yesterday's litter of the day:chau zanola and raul fontana = litter bugs.
(photo below: business men walking through the protester barricades. since protests are an everyday occurrence near kristina's office (presidents office) there are barricades all over incase the demonstration gets out of hand.)
(photo below: kristina's office in the background (casa rosada))


Nancy said...

OMG! The litter is driving me crazy! Please tell me they recycle!

yillabean said...

i'm sorry...but i highly doubt they do. there are city workers that sweep up the streets every day, but they just throw it away.

i could NOT imagine people in the U.S. throwing little pieces of paper, purposely, on the street to advertise a message or cause.

there isn't an official recycling effort in buenos aires. people just don't all.

instead there are cartoneros (garbage pickers) who go through the trash every night looking for items to recycle (cardboard, glass, plastic, newspapers) to make a little cash. it's sad to see.