Friday, May 8, 2009

rosedal / rose garden

last sunday a friend and i rented bikes at the Rosedal. there are several places that rent bikes there, but the key is finding a 'good' bike or 'good enough'. the last time my bike didn't have breaks. this time the bike didn't have gears and the seat killed my bum. well, it was just 10 pesos per hour, so i shouldn't expect much.

(photo below: the street circling the Rose Garden is closed so that rollerbladers, bikers, runners and walkers can exercise. it gets full!)
(photo below: i found the bridge to the other side of the park! there's a huge lake over there)


Nancy said...

Hey! That bridge thingy with the pointy part reminds me of the bridge at the Univ. of Utah campus, doesn't it?

yillabean said...

Hey!!! It really does!