Monday, May 25, 2009


on saturday, i took my family to the recoleta feria (market). it was a chilly day, but the canvas the artist put over their goods made a warm tunnel that shielded us from the wind. my family enjoyed looking at the unique hand made items and i got so lucky to get a pair of cute leather shoes bought for me!
after the feria we started to walk back to my apartment. on the walk home we were looking for a cafe to sneek into, instead we came across this bakery; it caught the attention of the mothers.

sure enough, after the bakery, we found a quiant cafe to have lunch in. then, in the early evening we said good-bye to my family's friends. i got my mom and sister for 3 more myself.

in the evening we went to a grocery store. we spotted this guy below...he made us laugh.



krebiz said...

finally...caught up!
looooooove the horse. :)

your family must be bowled over by your fabulous organizing/touring/hostessing skills.

also, wanted to remind you that this summer may likely be the last time i qualify for a student discount on expensive software...if you want to exploit me.

yillabean said...

yes yes, my family said they had a fabulous time and i had a fabulous time with them. i'm so glad they were able to visit.

any news on a possible visit from you?

big big congrats on being a student for the last summer! hip hip hooray!