Sunday, May 31, 2009

shld i stay or shld i go

when i left the u.s. 6 months ago i told myself that i'd be home for a visit during the summer (july/aug). today's the last day of may, bringing june tomorrow... july/aug isn't too far away.

for the past couple days i've been going back and forth in my head. should i stay or should i go for a visit. of course i want to go home to see my family and friends and most importantly spend time with them but i also want... to eat tasty soak in some smell trees and grass and have a drive a a lightning storm on the back porch...go to target just to look around.

part of me thinks i should use the money spent to travel in south america, another part of me thinks it will be too hard to say good-bye again; i've been having pangs of homesickness lately, maybe i should just stay and tuff it out.

flights are fairly cheap right now. i should make a decision soon, i don't know why it's so difficult?


Anonymous said...

I hope you will do what you really want to do, and not be swayed or too strongly influenced by your recent bout of cultural discomfort, or by the homesickness caused by the recent visit of your family. You have made a pretty nice life for yourself here, but then, that just proves you could do it anywhere. If you go and don't come back, we will miss you -- Sophie too. But it is also worth considering that you are a young, smart, and attractive woman with decades of adventures in front of you. Some decisions cannot and should not be made by committee ... this is for you to decide.

Conor said...

Homesickness is a very potent thing and it has been a while since you were home. Maybe it's also the changing weather. You mentioned you were lucky to be in BA when it was summer. Maybe its subconsciously itchy feet. Thing is home will always be there. You say that if you go home you might not come back. When will you be back in South America then? Maybe it might be a good idea to see some of South America. It might relight the spark of your curiosity for the area and will be a break from BA.

I am arriving in BA in exactly two weeks. I am going to Salta for a weekend the first weekend of July. It looks amazing and its only one place in South America. Maybe have a quick tour around and see!

krebiz said...

maybe if you visit home, you'll be homesick for BA. i say that with bias of course, because as you know, the Sasquatch and I would love to see you, and our offer of having you host a cookout at our place still stands. Just don't show up while i'm in Seattle!

Ooooh, but traveling South America could be fun, fun. Costa Rica, more of Uruquay, Caracas, Sao Paolo, Santiago... much to do.

yillabean said...

thank you for the comments and the support.

i don't have any thoughts about moving back to the u.s., just a visit.

i knew that the homesickness bug would start to bite at some point, and around the 6 month mark is normal. i feel lucky that it's not an awful feeling, just uncomfortable. i also agree, that it has a lot to do with the changing weather. sun, blue skies and flowers have an wonderful affect on my happiness.

jenna, i like what you said about maybe after visiting home i'll miss b.a.?

last night, before going to bed, i looked into a week trip to peru or columbia. (a flight, a week of spanish classes and a homestay). so this is a possibility too.