Tuesday, May 26, 2009


and then there were three...

since our two family friends left there were just the three of us. for these days i didn't have any plans, just a list of possibilities. so, we headed back to San Telmo to do some last min shopping. on the subte to San Telmo i read my travel book looking for a restaurant to have lunch in. it didn't take me long to set my eyes on a Peruvian restaurant in Congresso (Status).

after the San Telmo market we took the subte A line, which is the oldest subway in South America.
(photo below: 1913 subway car)
(photo below: 1913 subway car)
(photo below: mothers association of plaza de mayo is a group of mothers who protest quietly every thursday at 3:30pm in front of the president's office. in 1976 there was a 'dirty war' where 30,000 people went missing and many were never found)

The Peruvian food was Amazing!!! I had ceviche, which I hear is a Puruvian specialty. Let me tell you it isn't pretty when it's delivered to the table, but I savored every piece. (it's cold fish that isn't cooked, but rather soaked in the lemon juice which acids cook it, and it's served cold) If you like fish I can't recommend it enough)

During lunch my sister teased me that our waiter was my future husband. They could tell he took a liking to me. Well...he was latin, but not my type...but he was a gentleman. He asked me when I was coming back. My sister prompted me to tell him "when you cook for me".

(photo below: argentine comic "Mafalda". Tile work in the subte)
In the evening we hit up the bakery another time and finished our left-overs.


krebiz said...

and did you tell him that?

i love ceviche :) i always wanted to make it but i kind of worry about getting fish that's good enough for it.

Nancy said...

The woodwork in the subway was beautiful!