Sunday, February 8, 2009

1st feb wknd

saturday morning i woke up at 9am to have my conference call simulation with a student (because he canceled on friday) and then he never called saturday morning, so i just headed back to bed. luckily i'll still get paid for this.

when i re-woke-up, i spent time putting the apartment back together after the girls night.

in the evening i went to dinner at a friends house around 9pm. we arrived around 9:45pm and probably ate at 10:30pm (normal here). everyone at dinner spoke spanish. i was the most beginner out of everyone. it was good practice for me. i could follow most conversation, but had trouble adding to it.

(<--photo: most condiments are sold in this packaging. there is a white cap on the left at the top.)

By the end of the night my brain stopped working, but it was good practice. i liked it.

after dinner we went out to a bar. we stayed out until 4:00am. (early here). when we took a taxi home we passed a club in my neighborhood where there was still a long line of people waiting to get in. people were still arriving to the club at 4:30am (normal here).

i still don't know how they do it. i was beat all day long (today). i woke up early to have a skype date with a friend from home and then just laid around all day.

in the afternoon i made some empanadas for my weekend 'portero' (doorman). he's nice to talk to and he doesn't speak any english. i like talking to him because he'll repeat things without getting frustrated. it's good practice for me.

around 6pm i went to the park to study, but instead i ended up letting my mind wonder. i also did some people watching too.

at 9:30 tonight i went for an ice cream run. 9 pesos bought 260 grams of deliciousness.

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Nancy said...

I still can't get over the "night owl-ness" in BA! I'm working hard to reform myself from late nights... kinda have to with a baby man!