Sunday, February 22, 2009

lil bit argentine

i was invited to a girls night at 10pm last night. my argentine friend replied to the invite saying that 11 was more appropriate. i'm starting to form to argentine customs now, so i got ready by 11pm and left the house by 11:15 thinking (honestly) that 11 was early. (the night before i went out at midnight and returned at 5am)

so, we arrived at the girls only party at 11:30pm. food, girly drinks, more food, good times. by 3am we decided to leave and go to the club. someone mentioned that 3am was too early to arrive to the club. i honestly was not tired but thought that 3am was a reasonable time to arrive.

nevertheless we arrived around 3:30am. the club was called 'Amerika' and it cost an astonishing 50 pesos ($14.50) to get in...that is an extreme amount of money for an entrance fee in B.A. i was pisted at first, then we learned that drinks were 'free'. "ok, then let's get a drink!". we all ordered a fancy drink. the club was something out of a movie. loud electronic music, huge open space, balcony, people crazy dancing. after we were served we made our way upstairs but after we just turned around from the bar two somewhat gay guys stopped me and said they liked my familiar accent. they claimed they were from the states. something was fishy about them. how they phrased their questions and the sentences they used.... i didn't by it. good accent, but not from the states.

the club had a crazy mix of people. many were gay, many were straight and a few were transvestites / transsexuals. the only way you could tell what gender they were was by their facial structure. some of these man-women had nicer boobs and butt than me and were dressed way more girly than me.... but their faces had man like qualities rather than soft features like a woman.

when we made our way to the second floor men grabbed at our arms, put their chins on our shoulders, put their hands around our waists to pull us in. it was crazy and a little bit scary how forward these men where! we danced for a bit while trying to fend off the men that came up from behind.

after a bit we started dancing with 4 extremely gay men / boys. it was fabulous! they were so much fun to dance with. as soon as another guy came up to us the gay guys grabbed us and pulled us in like we belonged to them, then let us go. they were so much fun to be around.

one of the gay guys took my hand to lead me to the balcony (we were on the second floor). once i got to the balcony i could see that the whole first floor was filled with foam. the foam was up to peoples knees.

6:15 am came and my friends wanted to leave. i honestly thought it was too soon. why? why not stay until the wee-hours and then go for breakfast?

6:30am and i didn't want to go to bed. i'm finally feeling a lil bit argentine.


Florencia said...

Hi! Good to know you are enjoying your stay here. Amerika is actually a gay disco, that's why there were so many gays, trans, etc. Going out in my country can be exhausting. Being argentine myself sometimes I just cannot understand why we go out so late. If you actually wanted to stay longer, definitely you are becoming a little argie :)

yillabean said...

Hi Florencia. I knew it was a gay club before going. My friends all said it was a fun club, but I didn't realize just how fun it would be. Me and my girl friends loved loved loved dancing with the 4 gay guys. They were so much fun and protective of us.

I can't wait to go back.