Tuesday, February 3, 2009

subte entrepreneurs

90% of my subte rides have a musician playing, kids selling stickers, men selling cook books, teenagers selling 10 bobby-pins for a peso, a juggler or a beggar with a dirty child and an extended hand asking for milk money.

today two guys played guitar and sang. they were really good. i really enjoyed the music.

at next subte stop, a drunk american or brit who was 20 something stumbled on. he stood by the musicians and then added is acoustical talents by slapping his knee in a hillbilly way. he then got creative and switched it up by slapping his chest, but with both hands; quiet impressive coordination for someone who's obviously had one too many. the next subte stop the subte door opens (that he's leaning on) and he almost falls out.

the real musicians had a good sense of humor. they asked him if he played and he said he did, so the one guy hands his guitar over. drunk guy actually had some talent and was entertaining to watch too.

when the musician came around to ask for money i gave him 2 pesos. i liked his music and how he cooly handled the drunk english speaking guy by encorporating him into his act.

since i arrived, i haven't given anyone money until today.

(photo below: drunk guy)

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