Friday, February 20, 2009

ladies of the night

Last night around 7pm I met up with a friend. The sun was starting to go down, so it wasn't as hot. We walked over to the Las Canitas neighborhood to have a drink and some food. It's a small neighborhood but it's packed with bars, cafes and restaurants.

After walking around a bit we had a beer at a Holland style bar. I had my first 'Hoegaarden' in 3 months. It tasted amazing. (common beers to see on the menus here is a Brazilian beer called Quilmes and Stella Artois).

After a beer we walked across the street to have sushi at 'Sushi Club'. I was looking forward to eel (my favorite) but it wasn't on the menu. It seemed like majority of the sushi was salmon or a white fish and most of the sushi had Philadelphia cream cheese in it. Nevertheless, my first sushi in 3 months was really yummy.

After sushi we walked around looking at menus to have some dinner. The one restaurant that I know of in Las Canitas was packed full of people and there was a line of people waiting to be seated. So we continued to walk. Then this guy asked us for directions to a bar that was next to our sushi place. It took me 30 seconds to recognize him. (I've met him before, but I shouldn't say where). So we told him where the bar was and said we'd walk with him because we wanted to find a place to eat. He said he was meeting with friends at the bar and invited us to have a drink with them. "Sure, we weren't on a schedule". We walked up to the second floor, got a table and 5 min. later his 'friends' showed up. Immediately I felt out of place. Both girls were really 'done up' with lots of make-up, one had extremly bleached hair and both had really big fake looking boobs. We just stayed for one drink and then we left.

On our way out of the restaurant I said laughing "that felt really strange? did you feel that?"...we both laughed when both our first thoughts were, the girls were hookers. I don't want to sound rude, but I'll just say it.....the guy wasn't good looking, was a bit awkward and didn't dress him with these really made-up fake boob girls seemed a bit off. Also, the vibe at the table was just strange.

After having a drink with the ladies of the evening, we couldn't find another restaurant to my liking so we returned back to the sushi place for some more raw fish then another beer.

We called it a night at 5am.


ryoneo said...

Hey sorry for the late comment. There is a good amount of paperwork, but more room for some confusion, if it's your first time doing it. They give you half health benefits with paid travel trips and vacation time. My planning has been moving along steadily. Glad to hear from you!

Janet said...

So did you ever remember where you saw the guy from???

yillabean said...

Hi Janet. Yes, I remember where I know the guy from, but if I write about it on my blog people can make the connection...and I don't want to rat him out. Besides I don't know for sure if the ladies were hookers or not...but I'm pretty sure they were.

I wonder if the saying "innocent until proven guilty" is applicable for B.A.? kidding kidding