Wednesday, February 25, 2009

China Street

(Tuesday, February 24, 2009)
Still no sleep. Last night I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 6am. I laid in my bed until 9am, then got up, got showered and went to a cafe to study. I was up all night blowing my nose. I thought it was allergies, but now I know it's a cold. My head is stuffy, my nose is congested and my throat hurts.

Around 11:30am I returned my new Puma shoes that I bought almost a month ago. I never wore them, I just looked at them, all 270 pesos of them with guilt, so I returned them without a problem. I never wore them, but I hear it's difficult to return things in this country. I got lucky. The deal I made with myself is that if I return the 270 peso shoes than I can buy 2 other pairs of reasonably priced shoes. Deal!

After returning my guilt, I met up with a friend. We walked to Chinatown. As soon as we got close I said "It smells like Chinatown". She warned me to walk slowly because...Chinatown is more like a Chinastreet (not kidding). B.A.'s Chinatown is ONE street. Nevertheless, it's cute. We stopped at a place to have some lunch. I wanted hot tea and soup for my new cold, but they didn't have any hot tea (one of the downfalls of having a cold in the summer time). 16 pesos for miso soup, egg rolls and water.

After Chinastreet we went for some ice cream. 10.50 pesos bought us a small cone at an ice cream shop that is said to be the best.

Afterwards I came home and slept, but had to get up to go see my Spanish tutor. Things are moving along.

A week ago I planned a salsa night with some of my friends for tonight. Even though I didn't feel well I still went out. There were 6 of us total. Some took the salsa lesson and some just socialized. It was nice to have everyone there. I just danced twice, I didn't want to over do it.

(Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009)
After dancing I took my precious U.S. Nyquil (it's worth more than gold). I didn't really sleep through the night like the advertisement say, but I did have good sleep when I wasn't blowing my nose. I woke up at 10am and was still miserable so I took some more Nyquil. At 3pm I woke up and moved my sick self to the sofa. I feel better if I'm laying down, but the moment I get up I feel exhausted, my body hurts.
Tengo que sonar la nariz. (I have to blow my nose)
Word for word translation is: I have to to sound the nose
Just thought that was a cute way to say I have to blow / sound my nose.


Nancy said...

I hate being sick in the summer! Feel better soon! :)

DN said...

Thinking about it though, the phrase "blow my nose" doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.

yillabean said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm feeling better already. Tomorrow I should be back to normal.

I never said the english saying 'blow my nose' made sense. I just commented on how it's said in spanish because I think it's interesting how other languages phrase things differently. I'd never said there is a right/wrong way to say something. I wrote 'to sound the nose' because I thought it was cute. I thought other english speakers would find it cute as well.

DN said...

Err.. I wasn't saying there was anything "wrong" or "right" about the phrase either, merely making a comment that learning another language can sometimes make us appreciate the idiosyncrasies of one's native tongue. No idea why you got so touchy about it.

yillabean said...

DN, It was how you phrased your original comment "doesn't make a whole lot of sense either". I just merely wanted to let you know that I don't perceive that one language makes more sense than another.

Alot of meaning his held within language...for example how you phrased "no idea why you got so touchy about it" doesn't have a positive connotation. Would you agree? I'd be less likely to "get touchy" if your comments carried a neutral point of view.