Saturday, February 7, 2009

photos: empanada fiesta

Last night I had 5 of my Buenos Aires girl friends over to make empanadas. We made four different recipes: Chicken & Apple, Mango & Black bean, Vegetable curry, and Crab. We started cooking around 8:30 and finished making them around 11:30.

Now looking back I could have cut all the recipes in half. I have so many leftovers I really have no idea what to do. There's no way I can eat all of the leftovers before they go bad.

I had a fun time cooking with everyone. I'm glad everything worked out well and all the recipes tasted delicious too.


Anonymous said...

Leftovers? What are friends for?

barebumbear said...

Why don't you make empanadas out of all of the leftovers and hand them out to the people who come into the city to sort out the garbage. I'm sure that they would appreciate them.

yillabean said...

I did think about making them for the cartoneros...

Today I made 5 empanadas for my weekend 'portero' (doorman). Tomorrow I'm going to a friends house to make more....then maybe have some friend over during the week?

I've started sorting my trash for the cartoneros. My portero during the week collects my regular trash and I save the bottles, plastics and cardboard for when I see the cartoneros outside. I'm only one person, but I hope it helps them just a little more.