Tuesday, February 10, 2009

colectivo success

today i had a proud moment.

when i left the apartment tonight, to go teach a class, i was already anticipating the 'subte' being closed due to the rain (poor rain management so the subte gets flooded). sure enough it was closed. so, without looking at my 'guia 't'' (bus bible), I crossed the street, saw the 152 that wasn't even next to the curb, but stopped at the stop light and waved to the driver. I got on, paid and sat down. without even taking out my map (like normal) i just watched where we were going. when i saw that i was getting close to my stop, i stood up, watched, then rang the buzzer to be let off.


i didn't use my 'guia 't'', i knew which bus and where the stop was and i didn't have to look at a map while the bus was moving.

it may seem small, but i was really proud.


love,gidget said...

Congrats! It is great when you start to have a feeling for a new city. There is a definite sense of freedom when you do not have to continually glance at the transpo. schedule :)

yillabean said...

yes yes!

i'm just starting to feel like i'm live here rather than just visiting.

Nathan said...

Hello yillabean.

I have been reading your blog for the past hour at work. I am pretty much in the same boat as you were in September. I visited BA a couple years ago, and have dreamed of moving there ever since. I'm currently getting my TEFL certificate, but I have a ton of questions for you. I would really like to pick your brain, and hopefully you could answer some questions for me. you can email me at chimonty@gmail.com.