Friday, February 20, 2009

Casi 40

(Thursday, February 19th, 2009)
Casi 40 means "Almost 104"...... degrees Fahrenheit that is.

It's actually 90 degrees today but feels like 98.6 (37 C)

No complaints from me...but it was a bit hot.

This morning I taught 4 students at the same company. Both cute students were there. I was relieved that the really cute student wasn't as cute today. He grew a beard. meh. After teaching them I walked about 10 min to the next student's office. I was early so I had a cup of coffee and a bland toasted white bread sandwich with cheese. 16 pesos. At 3pm I went over to his office, checked in with the receptionist and 2 min later he called down to her to cancel our class. I still get paid for the hour, but it was really hot to walk all the way there. I don't mind walking in the city when it's hot because you can always find shade next to one of the tall buildings, but where this student's office is, it's in a newer area, so there aren't many tall buildings and the trees aren't mature yet.

I've written before about eating 'on the go here'; it's not acceptable. No body does it. I watched a tourist video about Buenos Aires and they even mentioned that eating on the go is considered rude. This morning I didn't have any food in my apartment for breakfast, I was running behind schedule so I grabbed 3 medialunas from a pastry shop near where I teach. I didn't want to eat in front of my students, but I didn't want to be 'rude' and eat them while I walk to their I stood next to a building and picked off small pieces in the bag and then I sneaked them in my mouth. Eating on the go is sooooo normal in the U.S., so it felt so strange for me to know that, if I want to blend in, I shouldn't be eating 'on the go'.

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