Thursday, February 12, 2009


my boss:
she has been treating me with more respect lately. after that crazy meeting i had with her last week, she called me on the phone that same day. i was still feeling upset and frustrated by her behavior during the meeting, so i told her in a professional way that i felt like my time wasn't being respected. i told her i was serious about this job, that i held a professional position at a large corporation in the states and that i know how to handle myself and i didn't feel respected. at the time of that call she didn't own up to her actions, but now, i can tell my talking to her helped. she calls me sooner now to tell me which students i'll teach, she also keeps reminding me to bill the students when they cancel less than 24 hours in advance. i can also tell that she speaks to me differently. i'm glad i spoke up for myself.

work today:
today i met with my cute student at 10 for 1 hour then his colleague at 11. my 12:30 student at a different company canceled last min, so i had a cup of coffee and some medialunas while i waited for 1:30 to come around. my 1:30 student was late coming down to the lobby to get me. then at 3 i headed back to the company i was at earlier in the day to teach the other cute student; who really could be in an abercrombie advertisement. my 8pm student canceled but i'm glad he did because i get to go to my friends party tonight on time (on american time).

apartment situation:
i'm still emailing apartments, but not too many people emailed me back. i'll go see two apartments tomorrow. also, another possible option, but i'm not holding my breath is to move into an apartment in my building. the neighbor guy who talked my ear off two weeks ago has two apartments in my building. the apartments were his parents, who have now both passed away. in the one apartment, his mothers, he still has all her furniture but didn't go through it yet. he said no one is living there and he can't rent it until he goes through it, but said i could live there and give him rent until he gets things in order to go through her apartment. i haven't seen the apartment yet, i know it looks like the one i'm in, but i don't know it's condition. also we didn't talk specifics when it comes to money, but i did tell him my range. he said i could move in on the 27th of feburary. i'll meet with him tomorrow at noon. my fingers are crossed. i'm also viewing another apartment in the evening.

so the mammoth chocolate bar (5lbs Hershey's chocolate bar) is gone. i finished it within 2 weeks of receiving it. yes yes, i admit i have a chocolate problem. well, to tell you the truth it's not completely finished. there is still a corner chuck left. i'm trying to save it.


Nancy said...

I am proud of you for speaking your mind (in a professional way) to your boss!

I can't believe you went through the chocolate that quick! You are too funny!

Good luck with the apartment hunt. I hope the one in your building works out. It seems like such a nice location.

krebiz said...

oooh, comment deleted. scandal!

i too confess chocolate problems. i have a problem. it has me.

the apartment thing sounds promising actually- you seem to have enough irons in the fire that something will work out.

yay for bosses who are properly responsive after a good talking to. naughty of me, but i am still highly entertained and very amused when i hear of, or hear you getting upset and speaking up to somebody. your demeanor is so friendly and mild. like K said that one time at lunch with R, back at the evil company, "I just can't imagine anyone getting angry with you." likewise, i can't imagine you being unpleasant.