Monday, February 16, 2009

monday sleep

This American girl can't handle the Argentine life. I went to bed at 1am last night and woke up at 11am this morning. That was 10 hours of sleep! ..... well needed sleep from this weekend.

At 2pm today I went for coffee and medialunas at a local cafe. I read some of the newspaper too. For the first time here, when I ordered in Spanish, the waiter answered in English. This sort of thing would always happen to me in Sweden, but not here. I like that I "have" to speak Spanish here. I just answered the waiter back in Spanish, but then spoke to him in English....I felt bad for him, I didn't know if he wanted to practice.

At 4pm I went on an interview. The language school didn't have a copy of my resume and the woman who interviewed me didn't speak English very well. She told me about the school and asked me to come back next week for a second interview where I would give a 10 min. class demo. She wouldn't tell me how much they pay. She said that would be discussed after the second interview. It may be a waste of my time, but I have time to burn. Next week I'll go back and give a 10min lesson.

I had a student scheduled tonight from 6-7, but she canceled last min. I was looking forward to teaching, but it's ok, I still get paid for the hour since she canceled less than 24 hours before the class.

Tonight I'm going to have a low key American night here in Argentina.

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