Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beautiful Bulnes

Bulnes is the name of the street where I'm staying. On my walk home from the subway I smiled so big when I looked up and saw two gorgeous colorful blooming trees. One with purple flowers and the other with huge red flowers. My barrio (neighborhood) is beautiful.


Nancy said...

I just got caught up reading your blog! I am glad you arrived safely and everything is going so smoothly. What a wonderful adventure! I look forward to reading more. I can't believe you are there, the past few months went so fast, didn't they?

Jenna said...

I just got caught up too. You're there!!

I'm glad it's been relatively uneventful in terms of traveling and getting around. You know, before I got stuck in NYC, I was thinking to exchange some USD for Argentine pesos- just $20 or something, to give you as a going away gift. Now I'm even more sorry that I didn't, and didn't get there. Have you sorted out the exchange yet?

There are mosquitoes in downtown Philadelphia, didn't ya know? They're everywhere! I'll ask Carlos how to say your repellent and let you know :)