Friday, November 28, 2008

day 6 (friday)

same morning routine at the house...but my cell phone that i've been using as an alarm is on it's last power bar. i need to purchase an alarm clock, pronto. even though the cell phone doesn't have service it still provides me with a feeling of security. once it's dead i think it will hurt a little.

this morning when i left the house with the two other students it was POURING outside; it was really coming down. I had an umbrella, so I didn't mind it, it was a new experience. Besides, we only have to walk two short blocks.

ohhh, problem...crossing the first street. The streets were starting to flood since it was really coming down. I had a pair of espadrilles on (high shoes), so it was a bit difficult jumping the puddle that was forming between the street and the curb. Second block we had to cross...well, there was no jumping anywhere but in the puddle. Ik, but eh, it wasn't so bad...then we crossed the street again (it's 2 blocks to the subway and across the street) and I just stepped right in...and in...and in....OMG it's up to my mid calves! So what do I do (as the chinese girl is following me and holding my arm)...I just stand there in a puddle up to my mid-calf and make a face and whine!! After a second or two I took a step, not knowing if it would get worse but with the next step I was almost out of it. IK!

surprisingly the subway was clear this morning(empty compared to yesterday). was everyone taking a taxi to work? The gross puddle was almost, almost, worth the non-smooshed train rain (I said almost right?).

ahhhh, class was much much better today. well, it's because we started to learn past tense of illregular verbs. I learned some of these on my own in the states, so I don't know know them, but it was a good refresher for me....I didn't have to think so hard for this lesson. We also did alot of laughing in the class today.

For our homework we had to write questions to answers that were already given in the book. I did my homework at midnight last night so I couldn't think of creative things...or maybe I was being creative. So, I needed to write a question for the given answer which was 'They're in my office". I wrote the question "Where are my shoes". When I read the question in class, my profesora said "That's a funny question, why would your shoes be in someone elses office"...the Swiss girl then had to read the same....she also wrote "Where are my shoes". All of us broke out in laughter. Then the american girl said "do you both know the same guy?"........this theme carried throughout class.

It's really nice that is just girls in the class (profesora too). Today, randomly, we starting to talk about clothing (it wasn't in the lesson plan). The profesora told us the words for bra, thong ect... the american girl added "Where are my thongs...they're in my office".

Later in the day we were practicing our pronouns. The profesora gave us many examples using Juan (a mans name). Some examples: I miss Juan. Juan misses me. Juan misses her. Juan misses which the american girl said to me and the Swiss "Juan seems pretty popular, is this the same guy you two know"....more laughter.

After class I grabbed two small empanadas on my way to the subte. Walking into the small patisserie looking place, there is a ticket machine at the door (like at the deli counter in the supermarket). It helped me with my numbers. I had to pay close attention. I kept repeating in my head - noventa y tres, noventa y tres, noventa y tres, until they called 93.

I then hopped on the subte to view an apartment. I took the same train line where I'm staying, but I went 3 stops past mine. As soon as I got off the subte I felt a little awkward (just that feeling). I came up from the subte and the feeling continued. i walked in one direction for one block and realized it was the wrong way. I turned around and continued on a pedestrian street. One guy yelled "turista?" (tourist). Oh shit, this isn't good. I was too dressed up for this neighboorhood. 'this doesen't feel good'. I found the street I needed and turned onto it. yeah, it still didn't feel right. 'what was i doing still walking....turn around turn around...abort abort.' there were trees lining the street, but there weren't any people on the street and some of the houses looked abandon but i walked the whole way to the apartment (many blocks later). once i arrived i went with my gut and justed turned around. sure, i should have notified the person waiting for me at the apartment, but i'd rather be safe than sorry. i just didn't feel good about this. humph...first attempt at finding a place - no success.

Tomorrow I will view an apartment at 11am, same subway stop as today, but it's much closer to the subway stop and it's in a highrise/condo looking building. Then at 1pm I'll view an apartment in the neighboorhood where I'm living in now; it's within walking distance. (my fingers are crossed for this one)

Sunday morning I'll meet with a classmate of mine to study in San Telmo (another neighborhood) and then at 5:30 I'll view another apartment close to here. I have a good feeling about my current neighborhood. The commercial street (where the subway stop is, where the busses run, where all the shopping is) is close, but where the apartment lies, it's not noisy, there is a green space a block away, there are bars and shops out my door, it doesn't look touristy, but there is a lot of activity...and did i mention the gorgous tall trees that line the streets?

Tonight agenda... SALSA! An american friend is coming to pick me up at midnight (oy oy oy, even later than at home, but that's when things get started here. bars OPEN at 1 or 2am...seriously). I can't wait to see what it's like...

I'm sitting in the livingroom...the electric went out 20 min. ago. when it first went out I wasn't alarmed, but it's 20 min later. No one else is home and I only have the light of my laptop. I looked out the window (I'm on the 8th floor) and everyones light are out, the only light I can see is the light from people's candles in their apartments. Some people have congregated on the streets. A group of them are playing the popular, international instrument, 'the coffee can' may be a the 'cow bell', anyway, they're singing the same tune with the rhythm of their cow bell, but it's not your Buenos Aires cumbaya kind of song...I'm hearing some words that their mothers may not be proud of. Crap, it's been a half hour now... Is it safe to go out on the streets? Is there maybe some kind of political unrest that I haven't read about? If I didn't have plans I would just go in my room and listen to my sounds like the elevator is working, I hear it beeping. It's almost 40 min. since the electric went out.

YEAH!!!!!! Electric!!! (*big sigh of relief*). Everyone else is feeling it too, there were cheers from the street!

Time to go get ready for salsa. Buenas Noches (good night)


Nancy said...

I'm glad you aborted the first apartment. I always follow my instincts, especially when things don't seem right. Can't wait to hear about your first salsa night in BA!

Nicholas N said...

I have a very important question to ask you... Do the toilets flush backwards?

yillabean said...

I can't answer to the toilet question...
I not sure if I have a normal one or a unique one...there is no water in my looks just like a regular toilet in the states...but without water. When I go to flush, water is pushed into the bowl but just enough to push your 'business' down the shoot, so theirs no swirling action. I'll keep my eye out for other more 'american' style ones. Anyway, which way does the water swirl in the U.S.