Thursday, November 27, 2008

day 5 (thanksgiving)

^(photo: taken outside my door)

"Blissful: Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy."
There's no other word I can find than blissful to describe how I'm feeling about this journey.

^(photo: where i come up from the subway on my way to class.)

^(photo: the door to my school: Academia Buenos Aires)

Class was frustrating again today, but just towards the end again. we're learning so much and so quickly. as soon as we are introduced to something new we move on without much practice. i wish we'd have just one day to spend on review of the last 3 days.

Todays lesson was reflexive verbs. Example: Yo me despierto (I wake myself up). I'm not quite sure I understand them fully in English and now I'm learning them in Spanish. I know I need to keep reminding myself that I've only been studying Spanish for 4 days, i shouldn't rush it.

^(photo: small fruit stands are all over the city)

During our class break I stepped out to get some fruit. A large apple and banana was 2.5 pesos. (75 cents) It was really good too.

After class I went to lunch with the American and the Swiss girl. We walked a couple of blocks down out of the tourist area towards the fruit stand. We found a non-fancy lunch place. Lunch was good. I had rice and chicken (typical Spanish dish) with a bottle of water. When we asked for the check the waiter just told us how much we owe; no check was given. It was 16 pesos ($4.80). When we went to leave the restaurant, an older man, sitting with others his age, yelled out in english ' I think you're beautiful'. wow, I thought, good choice of pick-up lines to learn. I smiled and said thank you in english.
(sidenote: I hear that its very common for men to cat-call or yell random romantic sayings to women. I hear it's because that in the past the men to women ratio was not in mans favor, so they really had to 'work it'. I guess it just became part of the norm)

My health is finally improving. Since I arrived I've been taking it easy by not venturing out or going on any excursions after class. My cold has cleared up, but my ears still occationally hurt when I blow my nose. Each day gets better.

So today after lunch with my classmates I felt daring... I took the bus to the Japanese Garden! (with the directions/instructions of a teacher at my school). It wasn't as difficult as I thought. The stop where I boarded was clearly marked (bus 130). When I boarded I put my 1 peso into a machine behind the driver. The machine gave me a receipt. I was told that the driver does not give change and you can olny use coins for the bus. When I thought we were getting close to the garden I asked the driver 'Where is the Japanese Garden?' (even after Spanish overload today I could make this complete sentence in Spanish). He said 'two stops' and then pointed when we arrived.

^(photo: argentine flag with the president's house behind. it's only a block away from my school)

^(photo: where i got off the bus for the Japanese Gardens. These purple blooming trees are everywhere in the city; so beautiful)

^(photo: Japanese Gardens / Jardín Japonés)

^(photo: me)

^(photo: Japanese Gardens / Jardín Japonés)

^(photo: Fishy)



^(photo: After the Japanese Gardens I walked back home (about 20 min). First I had to cross 13 lanes of traffic. I hear this isn't even the widest street here. The walk home was almost all under the canopy of trees.)

When I returned to the house I went back out again. I tried a different place for a drink and studying. Again I didn't venture far. This time I sat inside. I observed that when you sit outside mosquitoes aren't the only pests. Repeatedly venders come past your table trying to sell things. Sure they have to make a living, but I didn't want to be bothered today. Also it's quite hot (88 degrees). I love the weather, but I won't lie, it's a bit uncomfortable at times (You're probably cursing me if your in PA right now?).

At the cafe I ordered a beer and an empanada (mini mini calzone). The bottle of beer was huge, it looked like a 40. Maybe not that big, but it was big. The empanada was amazing and a perfect size too. The waiter was very kind as well. Like yesterday's waiter, he was also very patient and helpful with my Spanish. After I paid he gave me his phone number and asked me to call. He's cute, but it's too soon to date. Beer and an empanada was 17 pesos ($5)

I had a very enjoyable day. It really was blissful.

money spent today:
1 peso for the subway to school (30 cents)
1 peso for the bus to the Japanese Garden
16 pesos for lunch ($4.8)
5 pesos for entry into the Garden ($1.50)
17 pesos for a beer and empanada ($5)

40 pesos ($12)


Nancy said...

I am so glad your journey is blissful! Your pictures are beautiful. I love those purple trees. It is so weird to see spring there! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I thought of you when I ate my turkey! :)

Nicholas N said...

Happy Thanks Giving! Nice pictures... how about a few with you in them??