Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preparations (13 days)

13 days until I leave the country
5 days until I move
3 more salsa days left

I contacted 2 notary publics about what to do with my license plate once I sell my car. Both said I can send it back to the Department of Transportation or I can destroy it. If I choose to destroy it, than when the registration is expired, it will no longer be in the DOT system.

To cancel the ezpass I need to send back the transponder. I was told to wrap the transponder in aluminum foil so that I won't be charged if the mail truck were to go through an ezpass toll. They'll hold the transponder for 2 weeks and then refund any extra money they pulled from my credit card.

Still dragging my feet. Maybe sometime this week during work I'll drive it up to CarSense to get a quote. I think they'll be able to smell my desperation to sell it last min.

Finally I'm taking care of this. I printed out a Power of Attorney form online, filled it out, had two people sign it as witnesses and got it notarized. Now I just need to make a copy and send it to my bank and give a copy to my Power of Attorney. When I'm away, my Power of Attorney will be able to write checks from and deposit checks into my bank account.

I haven't fully explored this yet. Since I haven't started contract work yet, I'm going to put this tax issue off until I begin working.

Picking up future contract work is looking promising. My manager won't be able to post for my position until 30 days after I leave, which will be around Christmas. Therefore he won't be conducting too many interviews over the holidays. Jokingly he said "if things don't work out in Argentina, you have a job until Jan 5th".

Also, to my favor, I heard a cubical rumor that there is a hiring freeze. If this is true, the company won't be able to hire a full-time employee for my position, but the work will pile up, especially since my co-worker will go out on maternity leave sometime in February. My fingers are crossed that this works out in my favor.

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