Monday, November 3, 2008

Gnome Check

Since last blogging about finding my gnome a home he's moved positioning in the garden and then took cover during mischief night. Also, Nick wrote a letter to the new gnome owner that I then wrote on a card and put in the mailed. The letter goes something like this...
Dear New Gnome Owner,
Hello I am ~Nicky~. I am your new Gnome. I am happy to be accepted in to your garden. I am sure you are wondering why I chose you as my new home. Well...I have been living in this town for about 4 years. I had a awesome view on the top of an apartment building on the Main Street. There was nothing I could not see. My owner was a blond haired women who would dance around the house when the right
song came on. However my loving owner is leaving the country to start a new life in Buenos Ares. I know, I know I wish i was going too. But, space is limited and to be honest, I am quite fond of this town.... for now. Recently, I was out of one of my nightly walks and I found your garden. I was impressed with yours. I used to have a lamb of my own in my home country and seeing your lamb made your garden felt like home.

I hope you will continue to let me stay as your guest. I do not require much attention. Just a dusting each spring (I get allergies) and a good view. Also If we happen to get a heavy snow, would you mind just making sure my nose is not covered? ( I don't want to catch a cold). I can not promise you how long I will stay, as you know gnomes enjoy traveling, I actually auditioned for a job with Travelocity, but I got beat out by Tony with his "SAG" card (Screen Actors Guild) Who's from OHIO & NOT even pure Gnome! Anyway screw working for the MANI rather continue to travel as I have been doing.

I do keep a PO BOX in town in case you ever have any questions or wish to serve me with an
eviction notice.

(real P.O Box was given in the letter)

I do enjoy keeping a vigilant watch over your garden, however I do ask you maybe bring me in side for the night of October 30th & 31st? Last year these hooligans "Gnomenapped" me and I ended up a the intersection of Oak St. and Maple Ave. in the bad part of town.. Pretty scary stuff for a little guy like me. It took me to Thanksgiving to find my way home.

Anyway....... Hello and thank you for receiving me so generously.

Yours Truly,
Nicky The Gnome
The new gnome owner followed the suggestion of the letter and brought in her new found gnome the night of Oct.30 and 31st, however, she hasn't put him back yet.

This weekend Danielle and Tom came for a visit. We took a walk in my favorite park and then did some drinking in town. They encouraged me to keep drinking, which was good, because I usually moderate my intake, so it was a change for me to have one too many. Boy, the things that happen when you have one too many... We all ended our night of drinking with a car bomb(the drink). Tom had his own and Danielle and i split one. That was my first (who would have thought that there is a college graduate out there who never had a car bomb?). After we stumbled out of the local pub we took a stroll over to check on the gnome (one of my new favorite activities). We were disappointed that he was in the safety of his new home rather than out, where he belongs, in the garden.

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