Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Power of Attorney

I received a notice from my bank yesterday that they did not accept the power of attorney form that I printed out from the net. I had this document signed and notarized, but my bank wanted a power of attorney form where the person who is being given power of attorney signs the form. The bank kindly sent me their version.
"...we cannot accept it [my internet power of attorney form] due to the document not being in compliance with PA state law. The law, which took effect April 12, 200, requires acknowledgement by the person being given power of attorney. It also must include a notice, which outlines the purpose of the power of attorney..."
I got this new document signed and notarized last night and it was off in the mail today.

Reasons to have a power of attorney.
I canceled my car insurance yesterday, I sold the car this weekend. Sometime next week or the week after the insurance company will send me a refund check; I pay in advance for my car insurance. My bank will not accept the check for deposit unless I sign it. yes, I already called the bank and asked if I could write "for deposit only". They said no, but a power of attorney could sign the check and deposit it.

final bills (electric, dsl, cell phone) will be rolling in soon. I'll pre-sign some of my checks so that my parents can write in the amount and send them in. If there is a bill I forgot about, I want them to be able to write a check from my account rather than re-paying them.

Medicine. Looking into the future if I need anything like medication, clothing sent to me, ect... instead of having my parents pay for it, I'd like them to use my checkbook to pay for shipping and whatever else I may need while I'm abroad.

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