Tuesday, November 25, 2008

day 1 cont.

after my nap i went into the kitchen. mirta and alejandro joined me for a cup of tea and cookies. their cookies were not what i would call a cookie. the 'cookie's' we ate looked like a slightly larger version of the saltine cracker without the salt. mirta put some jam/marmalade on the table for the 'cookie's. during our teatime they continued to bathe me in complements. they're so cute and super sweet.

since i didn't get a chance to exchange money in the miami airport (the exchange places was closed when i arrived at 7pm), so I needed some pesos. mirta went with me to 4 atm machines and none of them would give me money. my credit union debit card; the each machine said the 'card issuer would not allow the operation'. i also tried my citi mastercard (which i use for purchases but never to withdraw money). when i used this card the machine said 'incorrect pin number'. we gave up, i said i would exchange money on monday when banks were open. on our way back to the apartment we stopped at 'farmacity' (the argenine cvs). i purchased medium sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. i also purchased a bar of soap and a 10 peso calling card. this cost 26 pesos. ( around $7)

when we returned i ventured onto the roof (10th floor) to catch some sun. the roof is very plane, just tile, no chairs, but alejandro gave me his to take with me. i sat in the sun for just 15 min; it was really hot. once i had enough i took some shade and spent another hour sitting outside reading a magazine. it was very relaxing.

after sunbathing i took my first shower in the all-in-one shower bathroom. i tried not to get everything wet. it was a good thing mirta reminded me to take the toilet paper out of the room before showering. since it's not habit, i would have had to learn the hard way if she didn't tell me.

when i opened the door after my shower a young woman was standing in the kitchen (my bathroom is next to the kitchen). i introduced myself and she did the same. she is another student living here. she is from germany. she told me there is also a chinese girl living in the house as well. both are very nice. we all are here studying spanish, but they both go to different schools than me.

after judith and i talked for a bit i went back to my room and slept some more. i'm still feeling ill. my body feels ok, but my head feels stuffy and my ears still crackle. i know i need to rest if i want to get better and enjoy myself.

we all ate dinner together at 9pm (typical dinner time here and in Spain) mirta made one large empenada for us. (a pie, baked with tuna, onions and red peppers inside) it was very good. dessert i didn't like so much. they served a pastel pink yogurt/pudding that didn't have a good taste. then they brought out the dulce de leche everyone talks about (everyone = expat bloggers). i was happy that i didn't like it! i already eat way too much chocolate, i didn't want to add another sweet to my cravings list. dulce de leche tasted like carmel, which i also don't like. yeah...i'm glad i don't like it, i won't gain a freshmen 15 here.

after dessert mirta spoke english with us. alejandro left the room; i'm assuming because he felt left out. i wanted to speak more with him. it really forces me to learn more and he is so patient. i gather mirta likes to speak english and the german girl likes that she speaks english to her.

bedtime came around 10:30. in the states i love love love falling asleep to tv, since there is no tv in my room i fell asleep to my ipod with my huge window open. i'm trying to ween myself off of the tv at bedtime ritual.

i had a wonderful wonderful first day in buenos aires!!!

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