Saturday, November 29, 2008

day 7 (saturday)

ugh... too early to be waking up after staying out so late. my feet hurt and i'm tired.

i left the house. i stopped for some small pastries at a small patisserie along the way to the subte. 3 small pastries cost 3 pesos ($1.00), they were very good and a perfect size!

i arrived at an apartment to view. it was located next to the same train stop i was at yesterday. it wasn't as 'bad' looking today, but i still didn't like it. the building was nice (highrise). the apartment was on the 13th floor. kinda strange since we don't have '13th floor' in the u.s....or we just don't call them that, we call them the '14th' floor... anyway, the argentine girl who lives there was very nice, she showed me the apartment. it was cute and clean, but there wasn't an outside space and 3 girls share one bathroom. i don't think i'll take it.

i walked to see another apartment. the walk took 40 min. the weather was nice, it was cloudy so it wasn't so hot.

(here are some photos that i took along the way)



this apartment was one street off of a shopping street. An American girl buzzed me in and showed me the apartment. She's returning home this weekend, so her room will be available. There are 2 Argentine girls living there now. The one that was there spoke little English. The apartment was nice. It was on the ground floor, but it was behind 3 locked doors (the door on the street, a metal screen door to enter an outside space and then the apartment front door). there was outside space, so that was good. the room had no windows, but the outside space made up for that. the only bad think is that the room is only available for one month (dec.6 - jan 6). i like it, but i'd like to view two more tomorrow.

On my walk home I bought two empanadas, they were really good! I thought one of the signs said "samon y queso", but the 's' was a 'j' which translates into 'ham'. eh, i just pulled the ham out and ate it anyway. it was still very good. two medium sized empanadas were 5 pesos ($1.50)

I also bought a small (2 inch by 2 inch) alarm clock with a battery for 13 pesos. ($4)

Once I returned home I crashed. I was so so tired.

I ventured out to find some black flip flops and a red silk flower for my hair, which seems to be popular here and so cute too. Very close to where I'm staying is a mall with very expensive designer shops. the mall was impressive. I just looked around. I tried on flip flops but didn't like them. ahhh, I finally used a spanish pronoun!!!! When I gave the flip flops back after trying them on I told the man "me gusta pero no los amo". I 'think' I said "i like, but i don't love THEM". it was a proud moment for me since I'm having difficulty with pronouns.

(some random photos)
^ (photo: my bedroom light switch and an electrical outlet. The outlet is for both European style plugs and the old Argentine style)

^ (photo: my apartment keys. The large one if for the door down stairs on the street and the smaller one is for the apartment) You have to use a key to get out of both the apartment door and the door downstairs. What would happen if there is a fire and you can't find your keys?)


Janet said...

Good luck with your apartment search!

Nancy said...

I can't believe you've been there a week already! I'm anxious to hear about the other apartments. Hopefully they'll be just as nice but available longer.