Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first Buenos Aires Salsa

Midnight on Friday
My America friend came to pick me up at my apartment. From here we walked to her boyfriend's. The walk was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Since I haven't ventured far this past week, because of my cold, I didn't even realize there is a charming city square just 4 blocks from here. Many people were sitting on the square, or out walking and some were having dinner.

We arrived at the salsa club. It was 15 pesos ($4.50) to enter. When we walked in, the lesson was still going on. We sat there until 1:15 until the dancing BEGAN. The American left me for a bit, I think to go make out with her boyfriend. It was awkward at first to stand there alone. I didn't know if I should be standing, sitting...are the salsa customs the same? It only took 1 song for a guy to ask me to dance (*ahh, relief*), and then I got asked to dance again and again. It felt really really good to dance again! I slightly forgot how good it feels after my 2 week salsa sabbatical.

The men danced similar from what I'm used to. I was able to follow their moves but there were a couple I didn't know. One guy (Cuban) danced just like my Columbian; it felt like a slice of home in a way.

The women dress very casual here, very! Not too many women had salsa shoes, many just wore flats that you'd wear on the street. They wore jean skits, basic tank-tops, jeans, and short shorts, but all very casual.

The American introduced me to a friend of hers. He's Mexican and a really good dancer. I enjoyed talking with him. I'd like to see him again, as friends.

We left the club after a good night of dancing; people were still arriving, and the club was more full than at 2am! That's nuts! But kind of cool. heh, 'New York, the city that never sleeps'....who ever said that has never been to Buenos Aires.

We all took a taxi ride home. My stop was first, but the American just told the driver to drop me off at my street rather than in front of my house. It happened so quickly; the taxi stopped at a traffic light, she said it's your stop, I said which is my street and she pointed as the cab drove away. crap...seriously? It's 4:15 in the morning and I have not a clue where I am, I only know that one of these not so clearly marked streets is mine. I walked in a circle a couple times to figure it out, which IS NOT a good idea. If anyone were watching me they'd know I was lost. crap crap crap....calm down, deep breath....ok here is the street...the numbers are close to my address...they're going up in number like they should be...ok. I know where I am.

Went to bed, replaying my first night of salsa in Buenos Aries.

money spent today:
1 peso for the subway to school (30 cents)
1 peso for the subway to view the apartment
1 peso for the subway to return
20 pesos i contributed towards 2 beers (for two 40ish looking beers with a friend wss 27 pesos ($6)
15 pesos for the entry fee into the club (included a drink ticket) ($4.50)
5 pesos for a plastic bottle of water ($1.5)
2 pesos i contributed towards the taxi to the club (60 cents)
10 pesos coming back via taxi. ($3)
55 pesos ($16.60)


Janet said...

Wow I can't believe that the American girl just left you in the middle of nowhere! For lack of better words... That's so mean!!
But I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

Nancy said...

Sounds like a good first night of Salsa in BA! That is lame that girl just left you like that, especially that late at night. How do you know her again? From school? Very scary but I am glad you found your way back ok.

yillabean said...

to her defense, she knows this neighborhood and probably walks at night comfortably. it was also just one block away.

me, even though i made the leap across the equator, i'm a scaredy cat / safety queen at night in big cities. I was also disoriented on where I was and instantly freaked.