Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wardrobe Cuts

I spent Monday evening making wardrobe cuts. I felt like a reality show judge. "Sorry Brown Sweater, you did not make the cut. All the other clothing will be traveling to Buenos Aires except for you". Brown Sweater, green shirt and others will be donated. I had made two previous cuts; tonight was the final cut. My intentions were to leave no clothing behind, but I had a change of heart... (embarrassed to say this)..but I can't part with my first greatful dead tie die tee-shirt that's soft from so many washings and two college sweatshirts. My justification is that they bring me joy. They just aren't practical to take with me, so they will stay at home in a box awaiting my returned visit.

I'm only taking two large suitcases with wheels on the bottom. I'll also have a leather backpack with my laptops, medicines, 6 months of contacts, a book or two and a change of clothing in case my luggage gets lost.

I'm not planning on taking many winter clothes, just a few. By the time winter rolls around I'll be there for 7 months. Hopefully someone will come and visit (and bring some sweaters for me?) or I hope to be doing enough with money that I can go out and buy a few winter pieces.

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Nancy said...

Wow, you its really becoming real! You are close!