Monday, November 17, 2008

leaving town

the weather held up for moving day. it was suppose to rain, instead it was cloudy, humid and 72 mid November too! most of my things were packed and ready to go, but i really should have gotten rid of more small meaningless items. the move took longer than i thought.... maybe it was the three flights of stairs, maybe all the boxes, maybe because there were only three of us moving? i really should have had moira come over earlier in the day.

once most of the boxes were out, i phoned the landlady. she came over, did a quick inspection and gave me my security deposit without an incident, which is surprising for her character. Nick stopped over to say good-bye. it was the first time i cried saying good-bye for this journey. moira got the second set of tears, the apartment didn't get any. when i walked out of the empty apartment that i called home for 3 years i was happy to say good-bye. i loved living there, i loved the apartment, but i was ready to move out.

as we left town we drove past the gnome's house to give a final wave (no i did not cry)

on the way to my parents, we stopped at carsense to sell my vw. they gave me a fair price. sure, i would have liked to get more, but i didn't lose any money either. the process felt like it took forever especially after a day of moving. they drove it, put it on the lift, then we filled out all the paperwork. i got some final photos of me and the vw then I said my good-bye.

we didn't get back to my parents until 6pm. we were all exhausted from the constant walking up and down 3 flights of stairs with all my things. i kept more than i originally planned. I should have started to purge much sooner.

i don't own a car and i don't have an apartment. it doesn't feel strange. i'm weirded out that i don't feel weirded out (if that makes any sense?)

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Nancy said...

wow, its really getting close!