Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mi casa

Some photos of where I'm living....

The entry way into our building. We live on the 8th floor.

there are two very small elevators in the apartment building i'm staying in. each can fit 4 average sized persons (maximum). you must open both the security gate and the elevator door for yourself when you enter and when you exit. on two occasions (american me) just stood there when the elevator stopped moving. both times i laughed at myself for expecting 'something' to happen.

My bedroom. Very small, but it's just temporary. My window looks out into a court yard, so it's quiet in the evening.

My all-in-one bathroom. Thank god I don't have to share it.

My host parents Mirta and Alejandro. Both are super sweet and love to take care of us (me and the two other students). Mirta loves practicing her English (which is bad for our Spanish) and Alejandro loves helping us with our Spanish because he doesn't speak any English. Both are so willing to help with whatever we need. I got very lucky.

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Nancy said...

Great photos! Its cool to see all the things you've been describing. Its freaky to see people in shorts when its snowing here!