Friday, November 14, 2008

the last salsa

My last night of salsa was wonderful. Pre-salsa, I met my Colombian for a glass of wine. We met at our usual spot in the city around the corner from the club. This past summer when we met at our spot, the Mediterranean style windows would all be open and the white long curtains would gently blow in and out with the breeze. It was normally hot, sticky and humid. But this time was different, it was cold and our spot was all closed up. I was wearing a scarf with a sweater over my salsa outfit. This meeting was symbolic, it was our closure.

After our drink we walked over to the club. As I put my salsa shoes on the live salsa band finished their set. To my surprise the dj put a bachata song on. "did someone tell him it was my last night?, he never plays bachata this early in the night." I quickly grabbed the Columbian and savored the bachata moment. Next song...bachata! I was thinking "no way, is this for real?" The Colombian didn't put up too much of a fight when I wouldn't let him out of my grip for a second round of bachata bliss.

Most of my favorite dancers were out; I had a wonderful night. Sometimes when it comes to dancing I'm just not 'on'; I'm sloppy, my turns aren't centered...but this night the salsa gods blessed me with an 'on' night of salsa. I was feeling wonderful and I didn't think it could get better. Then to my astonishment the dj (who I normally dislike, due to his lack of bachata, long as hell fast as hell songs and all the modern salsa) played more and more bachata! Did I die and go to bachata heaven?

Once the band started again I saw the dj standing next to the bar. I grabbed his arm with a huge smile and said "thank you for all the bachatas tonight. you really made my night". Once the band was finished with their last set the dj walked past me and said "more bachata".

The last dance of the night was a bachata with my Colombian. Afterwards, he walked me to my car and gave me a kind kiss and then I drove off into the city headed for home for the last time.

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Nancy said...

Kinda sad... bittersweet though cuz soon you'll be learning to tango in Ba!